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GC DiSaronno's He's So Hot Right Now!

"Hansel" is owned by DiSaronno Persians, and is currently visiting with us for a while.  I wanted to give a huge thank you to Carmen Ruggiero Lamonica for trusting me with this gorgeous and sweet boy!

DOB: 04/06/2011

DAM: Polcanns' Hippity-Dippity-D

SIRE: Disaronno's Spindle

GC Debo's Delorean Of Masabeli

"Marty" is our sweet big coated boy!!  Thank you so much to Patti and Tim for this boy!

DOB: 05/02/2017

DAM: Jovan Shadow Dancin' Of Debo

SIRE: GC, RW Chrishanna's Desperado Of Debo

Miro' Cavalier Noir

"Milo" is our newest addition and we cannot wait to see what our sweet boy produces!

DOB: 07/01/18

SIRE: GC Belamy's Zeus

DAM: GC Al-Gadir Bluemoon Of Miro'