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GC DiSaronno's He's So Hot Right Now!

"Hansel" is owned by DiSaronno Persians, and is currently visiting with us for a while.  I wanted to give a huge thank you to Carmen Ruggiero Lamonica for trusting me with this gorgeous and sweet boy!

DOB: 04/06/2011

DAM: Polcanns' Hippity-Dippity-D

SIRE: Disaronno's Spindle

GC Debo's Delorean Of Masabeli

"Marty" is our sweet big coated boy!!  Thank you so much to Patti and Tim for this boy!

DOB: 05/02/2017

DAM: Jovan Shadow Dancin' Of Debo

SIRE: GC, RW Chrishanna's Desperado Of Debo

GC Grandhearts Gettin' Fresh

"Tic Tac" is an Exotic Shorthair who is currently staying with us.  He is extremely loving and playful.  Thank you so much to Jen of Grandhearts for allowing Tic Tac to try our hand at Exotics.

DOB: 01/30/2016

DAM: CH Kis' Herbas Lennox

SIRE: GC, RW Divinity's White Hot Love